martes, 17 de abril de 2007

My comentay!!

Hello friends… In this occasion I am going to talk about the blogs that I visited…


¡¡¡¡¡Congratulation to everybody!!!

sábado, 14 de abril de 2007

My opinion about MY ENGLISH CLASS!!

Well I´m going to talk about my opinion to the english class (teacher: Doris de Martins)

I think that the class were very good!! Because I learned a lot of obout English!!.. New Cultures .. Parts of my Body, How can I´m going to tell my direction!!.. and more things.

Theacher Doris is too creative to teach English!!, because she uses plays and tecnology to make the class more interesting for us!!

I hope to learn more english (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) in the next levels!! Until How to speak English very well!!

.. and you?? do you have interesting English class?? how is your teacher?? i´m going to wait for your comment!!

My Time Line!!

Hello People!!.. this is 15th lesson.. in here we were talking about our best events in our life and describind those!!.. now i´m going to show you my best events!!..

My best event in my life were those:

  • 1989: I was born!!

  • 2004: We celebrated My 15th Years

  • 2006: My graduation from high School!!

  • 2006: my first day in the university!!

In the university!!

And you?? what was your best event??.. tell me about that..

** My Last Weekend **

In this lesson fourteen we were studying past tense and now i´m going to talk about my last weekend!!!

On, Friday I went to Punto Fijo, whit my grandfathers and my father. The Friday night, I saw movies whit my family in my house. On Saturday Morning, I went to the supermarket whit my mother. The Saturday afternoon I went to Las Virtudes mall. The Saturday night, I went to Cinema with my friends and we ate pizza. The sunday morning I went to the beach whit my family.In the Sunday afternoon I traveled to Maracaibo whit my father!! In the Sunday Night, I Whached Tv and read newspaper.

Well,... my last weekend was exciting, and your last weekend was exciting too. was it??...


In this lesson leven we were learning about world´s celebrations, we prepared a presentation about Diwali. now you can see some things about Diwali!!

Name of the festival: Diwali
Introduction: Name of the festival/country; season and length
People in India Celebrate Diwali for 5 days. In october or november.
Main contets (1) Historial/religious or ther significance
During Diwali´s celebration family say special prayers. They send cards to relatives, many people buy new clothes. They hope that the pictures they painted, on the walls and floors of the their home will bring them good luck. The people light rows of small clay lamps to welcome home Rama because he won the battle.
Main contets (2) Preparations; customs; activities
They than use customs, they give gifts such as dried fruits, chocolates and other sweets, families say special prayers, sing songs, share big meals and play card games. People play games and go on rides. They dance and listen to music.
Main contets (3) Personal celebrations
My family use to celebrate, dates like: birthdays, weedings. baptism, aniversary, graduations, new year, christmass.
Conclusion: Commercial significance Personal views about festival
Through Carnivals that many touns and cities in India people make they have a chance to get money, selling it`s dried fruits, chocolates, other sweets and even fireworks.

And you do you know another celebrations? Tell me about that ...

Sports and Talents of my friends!

In this lesson ten. In lesson ten we were talking about sports. I´m going to talk about sports that my friends Vanessa likes!

Hello! My friends is Vanessa Mavares. She likes Tennis. She loves to play Volleyball, too. She watches Soccer and Baseball on the TV. She plays Volleyball and watches sports on TV every weeks. She plays Volleyball at six o´clook. She plays Volleyball in the Canta Claro and watches sports in her house with her family and her boyfriends. She play Volleyball with her friends and thinks sports are very importants and interestings. Her favorite sports is Tennis. Her favorite team is Barcelona and her favorite player is David Villa. She plays Volleyball and she love o make cookies, her abilite is to cook. Her talents are athletics.

tell me about you, do you like sports?? what sports do you like to practice??...

My Talent!!

This is my composition about my talents!!

Hi!! My name is Andrea Partidas. My talent is prepare the Budin with cookies.

This are the ingredients:

  • One milk condense cans

  • Budin

  • Four cup of milk

  • Marias Cookies

I like to prepare Budin with Cookies because my mother teach me to do it.

Tell me about you...what`s your talents?? Please, write a conment!!